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Articulate Storyline + Rise ‘Super Heroes’

Articulate is the industry’s favorite of the e-learning tools. It’s like PowerPoint on steroids. With it you can create exceptionally, interactive and engaging courses. And as proven by our Articulate Superhero status, we’re Articulate experts.

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Thinkific Specialists: Empowering Anyone To Create + Deliver Courses

Thinkific helps entrepreneurs create, market, sell, and deliver online courses. It's a powerhouse. As a specialist agency partner we can definitely help your Thinkific courses excel using their e-learning tools.

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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

There are over 800 LMS' on the market. Selecting one is a critically important task, which most people get wrong. So that’s where we can help. Working together we guide you to find the best e-learning tools for you situation.

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Users Of Novel E-learning Tools + Tech

We have experience with many novel e-learning tools and tech. to create engaging online courses. So, you get the benefit of our cutting-edge experience.

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Articulate Storyline + Rise Super Heroes

Articulate Storyline is one of the most popular e-learning tools worldwide to create online learning. This cloud-based e-learning tool enables instructional designers to create custom interactive courses. Creating the content using it can significantly enhance the interactivity of your courses. 

And Articulate Storyline is one of the most flexible e-learning tools. If you are unfamiliar with Articulate, it’s like PowerPoint on steroids. Yet you can create exceptionally engaging experiences for your learners. You can add animation, audio, video, screen recordings, and software simulations to create user interactions, such as clicking, dragging, and typing as well as quizzes and assessments.

Articulate Storyline is the industry’s favorite software for creating interactive courses. It’s simple enough for beginners yet powerful enough for experts. And more than 112,000 organizations, including all 100 of the Fortune 100have created millions of courses using our online training apps.

But you don’t need to be a Fortune 100 company to get the benefits of using Articulate. Image of Articulate e-learning tools blog post As we are proven experts in designing courses using this e-learning tool. That’s because our founder holds Articulate Superhero status. E-Learning Heroes is where course creators get advice and help on everything e-learning. It’s the world’s most empowering site for industry pros. And among the one million+ members, a few are designated as Super Heroes. That’s because they go above and beyond to help others by contributing to forum discussions, sharing ideas, and pointing people to helpful resources. The Super Heroes program recognizes only the top contributors.  And Holly, our founder, has been an Articulate Super Hero for several years. 

Read our blog post  (above right) to get a few ideas of things you could do.  Or if you need the service of an Articulate Super Hero, contact us now.  We’re ready to help.

it looks so amazing, you nailed it and I love it.  I would like to say, thank gawd for Holly!!!! I could not have done this without you.”  Vancouver Island Construction Association

Thinkific Specialists: Empowering Anyone To Create + Deliver Courses

Thinkific is a software platform that helps organizations create, market, sell, and deliver online courses. Thinkific’s mission is to revolutionize the way people learn. And earn revenue online and turn their expertise into a sustainable business. 

It has become a powerhouse in the online education world in a short period. Thinkific’s e-learning tools support online learning for over 50,000-course creators in 190 countries and 20+ languages. And over 100+ million courses have been created, generating $650 million using it.

An all-in-one e-learning tool, Thinkific empowers anyone to create and deliver courses using their own branded site. You can educate your customers, sell courses, or grow your brand and engage your audience. 

If you’re interested in creating online courses using these e-learning tools, we’re here toThinkific specialist badge help.  Spark + Co. is a specialist agency partner for Thinkific. And we have lots of experience creating fabulous courses using one of the newest e-learning tools available. Or read our blog post 19 Powerful Ways That Businesses Can Benefit From Thinkific.

Spark and Co was a lifesaver.  They stepped in at the last minute when it seemed as though we weren’t going to be able to complete our curriculum on time.  Holly and her team provided guidance and offered out of the box solutions that not only delivered our project on time, but provided us with a product that we are proud of.  Their expertise, professionalism and general know-how was a breath of fresh air.”  Director of Training, Cannabis Compliance Inc.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems are e-learning tools that companies use to administer courses. They deliver and track training for their employees, clients, and partners. But not all organizations need them. Yet if you have lots of people taking your course, or have several courses, you likely need to use one of these e-learning tools.

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There are over 800 LMS e-learning tools available on the market for you to choose from. But which one is the best fit for your upcoming courses?  Selecting an LMS is a critically important task and one that most people get wrong. In fact, 58% of companies are looking to replace their LMS with one that better meets their needs. So that’s where we can help. By understanding the courses you want to create, together, we work to find the best e-learning tools for you: ones that meet your needs, budget, and your learners’ needs.

A few of the LMS’ we work with frequently, include:

  • D2L/Brightspace
  • Litmos
  • LearnUpon
  • Absorb
  • Moodle
  • Canvas
  • Zenler
  • TalentLMS
  • LearnDash

Users Of Novel E-learning Tools + Tech

We have experience with many novel e-learning tools and tech. to create engaging online courses. These include other authoring tools and virtual training platforms. As well as development apps, online whiteboards, and video creation software. So, you get the benefit of our cutting-edge experience.  Based on the needs of our clients, we use many other e-learning tools, including

  • H5P
  • Camtasia
  • Vyond
  • Glide
  • 7taps
  • Twine
  • Miro
  • Zoom
  • Go To Meeting
  • Microsoft Teams

Articulate E-learning + Storyline Training

Articulate Storyline training is the industry’s favorite software for creating interactive courses. What is Articulate Storyline and why might you use Storyline training? See how powerful it is from the examples we show. Is it a fit for your next e-learning project?

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Articulate Rise 360

Articulate Rise 360 is a dynamic tool allowing designers to create beautiful online courses with a few clicks of a button at a modest cost. But Articulate Rise 360 isn’t suitable for all course content.

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Thinkific Courses And Examples

As an all-in-one online course platform Thinkific empowers organizations to create and deliver courses on their own branded site. Allowing you to educate your employees, customers or volunteers or sell your Thinkific courses. Or to simply engage your audience and grow your brand awareness.

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