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Develop Learning + Business Objectives

Our elearning course design begins with a learning objective.  Through a consultative process, we identify and develop a learning objective(s) for the project.  One that is aligned with your overall business goals. This can involve engaging with key stakeholders in the process, developing a profile of the target audience, along with any constraints that may need to be considered.

A typical question we ask, at this stage of designing elearning, is “What do we expect the audience to be able to do after completing the training course?”  It’s not about what they know, its about what they do.


Instructional + Creative Design

Receiving feedback from your key stakeholders we develop a prototype module or storyboard.  This engages the learner in an active rather than passive manner. Learning outcomes are defined that are linked to the overall learning objective(s). We design a custom course outline and brainstorm creative ideas for the course development.  While always keeping user experience top of mind to ensure the course navigation is intuitive and straightforward.

This stage of the elearning course design also includes identifying the types of instructional media to include such as images, video, animation, narration, …. as well as the types of instructional activities that will occur (e.g. quizzes, scenario’s, drag & drop, etc.,).


Build, Test + Modify

As part of the custom course development, we will produce three versions for review and feedback. This allows us to refine the training course to ensure that we meet your specifications and preferences. Using online review processes we streamline and fast track the development. And a quality assurance process is undertaken to eliminate grammatical, functional and visual errors during the online course design.

A typical question we will ask at this stage is “What might we anticipate that people could get wrong?” or “Are there any aspects that are particularly tricky?”

During this stage we will work with some or all of the following:

  • subject matter experts
  • technical writers
  • illustrators
  • voice over experts
  • videographers
  • animation artists


Course Launch

Once the development is complete Spark + Co. can assist with launch activities such as providing support on implementation of the module. This can include

  • Uploading to an LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Q+A to address user and/or technical issues
  • User support documents
  • Marketing and communications plans
  • Pricing strategies