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What Is Articulate Storyline?

To create an online course, you need to develop and publish content. Articulate Storyline is the industry’s favorite software for creating interactive courses. Find out why.

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Benefits Of Using Articulate Storyline Training

There are many benefits of using Articulate e-learning tools to create your online courses rather than using the limited capabilities of your LMS. There are good reasons why Articulate e-learning is the top way to create interactive online courses worldwide.

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Articulate Storyline Examples

To show the variety of custom interactions available, we’ve shared a handful of Articulate Storyline examples. See if you can imagine your next course developed with Articulate Storyline training?

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Articulate E-learning Experts

We don’t say we’re Articulate e-learning experts. We can prove it. Find out about our acclaimed Articulate Superhero designation.

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Articulate e-learning is the most popular way to create interactive online courses worldwide. Articulate Storyline is the industry’s favorite software for creating interactive courses. Below we’ll explain what is Articulate Storyline and why you’ll want to make Storyline training. And we’ll provide Articulate Storyline examples so you can see how powerful it is. And if it’s a fit for your next e-learning project?

“Articulate Storyline is the industry’s favorite software for creating interactive courses. It’s simple enough for beginners yet powerful enough for experts. And it lets you create virtually any interaction you can imagine, in minutes.” 

What Is Articulate Storyline?

To create an online course, you need to develop and publish the content and host it on a technology platform. Many organizations use a learning management system (LMS) to host their courses. There are, at last count, well over 800 LMSs on the market, and choosing the right one for you can be a challenge.

There are many differences between how an LMS functions and what you can do with it. An LMS’s primary function is to run and administer your course. And most LMSs offer tools for you to create your online course content as well. But often, these are very limited.

That’s where an authoring tool, such as Articulate Storyline, comes in. So, what is Articulate Storyline? It’s an e-learning authoring tool. It enables instructional designers to create custom interactive courses. And making the content with an Articulate e-learning tool enhances the interactivity of courses.

Articulate E-learning Tools

Articulate e-learning tools are very flexible and create engaging experiences for your learners. They include Articulate Storyline, and Articulate Rise.  But which one should you use?

Articulate Rise

Image for Articulate Rise infoRise is very user-friendly, with an intuitive interface. And it often takes less time and money to build a course using this Articulate e-learning tool. The downside of Rise over the other Articulate e-learning tool, Storyline, is it has fewer ways to customize features. And Rise has fewer formatting options so that there is more control of your layout using Storyline training. But Articulate Rise is excellent for many applications, such as for text-heavy courses that you want to develop quickly. To explore more about Articulate Rise and see if it’s suitable for your needs, go to our page on Articulate Rise 360

Articulate Storyline Training

If you aren’t familiar with Articulate e-learning, Storyline training is like PowerPoint on steroids. You can add many user interactions, including animation, audio, video, screen recordings, and software simulations. And create activities such as clicking, dragging, typing, quizzes, and assessments. Once finished, you import the course into your LMS. Storyline training is simple enough for beginners yet powerful enough for experts. And it lets you create virtually any interaction you can imagine.

So when would you use Storyline training over other Articulate e-learning tools? Often it comes down to the complexity of the course. If the training is complex, or you need to create an immersive experience, use Storyline training. Or if you need lots of customization or want to design the course to your brand specifications. Then Storyline training is the best choice. And as the Storyline Articulate e-learning tool has built-in screencasting, it is the best choice for software simulations.

Benefits Of Using Articulate E-Learning Tools

There are many benefits of using Articulate e-learning tools to create your online courses. You aren’t limited to the restrictive design capabilities of your LMS. These benefits include

  • Excellent flexibility to control the type of content output
  • A very active online community
  • Many instructional designers are familiar with Articulate e-learning tools
  • Powerful show me/try me/test me software simulation e-learning capability
  • Highly customized content
  • Extensive design capabilities
  • Flexible templates and design features
  • Ability to create immersive and interactive online courses

Articulate Storyline Examples

There are many Articulate Storyline examples we show below, along with screenshots of courses developed using this powerful Articulate e-learning tool. Along with two actual Articulate Storyline examples for you to experience.

Articulate Storyline Examples – Custom Interactions

The following Articulate Storyline examples are from a course about Indigenous Perspectives. For example, the three images opposite illustrate the use of an interactive timeline. The learner clicks and drags the button along the timeline to reveal historical information.

Example of Articulate Storyline 3                     

The following Articulate Storyline examples are from a self-paced course created for an international storage solutions company. The first image shows many of their shelving parts. The learner can reveal detailed information about each piece by clicking on the parts in the second image.

Articulate storyline training images   

The third image shows Storyline training for quite complex interactions, in this case, how to calculate floor space requirements for various storage configurations.

Complex interactive calculator created in Storyline training

The next Articulate Storyline examples show a typical drag and drop interaction. In this instance, the learner is asked to consider what they would do for their self-care after a stressful incident. The learner in this interaction clicks on items and drags them to the workbook.

Articulate e-learning screen shots

Articulate Storyline Examples – Software And Application Training

As mentioned, Storyline training is excellent for learning software and new applications. Articulate Storyline has built-in screencasting, which is invaluable in this type of training. This example of using Articulate Storyline training is how to use a web-based tool – E-learning Heroes. While this is a simple application, it demonstrates the effectiveness of the Storyline training. Try the module out and see for yourself.

Articulate e-learning course

Articulate Storyline Examples – Sexual Violence Prevention

Below is an Articulate Storyline training module from a post-secondary College program on Sexual Violence Prevention. Although it is only the intro module it shows a different look and feel to the other Articulate Storyline examples. Try it out.image of online storyline training course

Articulate E-learning Experts

There are over one million members in the community for Articulate e-learning products. These are all course designers who use one or more of the Articulate products to create online learning. It’s the world’s most empowering site for industry pros. And it is where course creators get advice and help on everything e-learning.

The Super Heroes program recognizes only the top contributors. And Articulate designates a few with Super Hero status. It identifies experts who go above and beyond to help others by contributing to forum discussions, sharing ideas, and pointing people to helpful resources. At Spark + Co., our founder is one of the esteemed few acclaimed as an Articulate Super Hero. So if you need help designing Articulate training, you can rest assured that we’re experts in the field. And we’re ready to help.

Thank you so much! I can assure you that you have not heard the last of us. We recognize what an enormous and important role you played in this initiative.” BC Ministry of Justice

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