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What Is Articulate Rise 360?

Articulate Rise 360 is a modern, dynamic e-learning tool allowing designers to create courses for any device. It enables instructional designers to create beautiful online courses with a few clicks of a button.

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When to Use Articulate Rise 360?

Articulate Rise enables instructional designers to quickly create beautiful, professional, and uncomplicated courses. But it's not suitable for all situations. Find out when Articulate Rise 360 should and shouldn't be used to create your courses.

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Articulate Rise Examples

See Articulate Rise examples and take our demonstration course Articulate Rise 101. And imagine how your course will look.

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Articulate Rise 360 Experts

We don’t just say we’re Articulate Rise 360 experts. We can prove it. Find out about our highly acclaimed Articulate Superhero designation.

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Articulate Rise 360 is a dynamic tool allowing designers to create beautiful online courses with a few clicks of a button at a modest cost.  But Rise 360 isn’t suitable for all course content.  Learn more about Articulate Rise, take our demo course, and imagine what your new course might look like.

What Is Articulate Rise 360?


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Articulate Rise 360 is a modern, dynamic e-learning tool allowing designers to create courses for any device. Using a web-based course builder, it enables instructional designers to create beautiful online courses with a few clicks of a button. And the courses designed with Articulate Rise 360 are fully responsive to all devices and automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

When to Use Articulate Rise

Articulate Rise is very user-friendly, with an intuitive interface. And it often takes less time to build a course than other e-learning tools. Also, a course in Articulate Rise 360 can be made at a modest cost.

And Articulate Rise 360 enables instructional designers to create beautiful, professional, uncomplicated courses. But the downside of Articulate Rise 360 over other authoring tools, such as Articulate Storyline, is that there are fewer ways to customize a course and fewer formatting options.

But Articulate Rise 360 is excellent for many applications. Such as for text-heavy courses that you want to develop quickly. For instance, good Articulate Rise examples are annual compliance training or anything regulatory that requires a significant amount of on-screen text. Compared to other e-learning tools, its interface has more space to input and fit text on the screen.

Articulate Rise Examples

In addition to the Articulate Rise examples mentioned above, many courses would be suitable to build using Articulate Rise 360. Essentially courses that are text-heavy, require modest interactivity, and ones that aren’t overly complex are all good Articulate Rise examples. For instance, the following courses have all been successfully built in Articulate Rise 360:

image of Articulate rise course on a mobile phone


  • New Employee Orientation
  • New Manager’s Toolkit
  • Sales Fundamentals 101
  • Conflict of Interest Compliance
  • Common Workplace Injuries
  • Training Schedule Templates
  • Training Needs Analysis 101

All the above are courses that would be highly compatible as Articulate Rise examples.

But suppose your course needs a tailored look throughout or requires a lot of custom interactions or game-like features. In that case, you’ll need to look at having your course built using another tool, such as Articulate Storyline (insert link to Service). For instance, the following would be examples where using Articulate Rise 360 wouldn’t be the best fit.

  • Software simulations or training
  • Customer service scenarios
  • Instructional design techniques
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Branching scenarios
  • Data input
  • Personalized courses

To see the features available take our short demo course below on Articulate Rise – 101. It will show you Articulate Rise examples and features and reveal what you can expect in a course built using Articulate Rise.


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This course is really amazing, I’m recommending it to all my fellow teachers and friends. Thank you for inspiring all of us!” Raffi Foundation

Articulate Super Heros

There are over one million members in the E-learning Heroes community for Articulate e-learning products. These are all course designers who use one or more of the Articulate products to create online learning. And it is where course creators get advice and help on everything e-learning. It’s the world’s most empowering site for industry pros.

And to identify and recognize those experts who go above and beyond to help others by contributing to forum discussions, sharing ideas, and pointing people to helpful resources, Articulate designates a few with SuperHero Status. The Super Heroes program recognizes only the top contributors. Our founder, at Spark + Co., is one of the esteemed few acclaimed an Articulate Super Hero. So you can be sure that at Spark + Co., we have proven Articulate Rise 360 experts ready to help create your course.

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