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Educate customers to understand the full potential of your products and services

With great customer training you can educate your customers to realize the full potential of your products and services. Increasing customer success and satisfaction. And retention, and future or repeat sales.

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Reduce customer service costs + drive sales

Instead of dealing with basic queries, your customer success team can focus on high-value customers. Or more complex queries. While also reducing service calls, returns, + support costs. And more educated customers make more informed purchase decisions, driving sales.

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Enhance customer success and loyalty

Educated customers increase their satisfaction, engagement, and their success. Making them more loyal customers. And increased loyalty leads to more sales and more word-of-mouth referrals.

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Differentiate yourself as a market leader

Offering quality educational resources to customers, positions an organization as a market leader. Enhancing your reputation, brand, and differentiating your from your competitors.

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Who Needs A Customer Success + Education Program?

  • Isn’t it only businesses that require customer success + education programs?  Businesses of all sizes and shapes need quality education to enable customer success.  However governments and agencies also need customer success programs to educate their constituents.  Similarly non-profit organizations need to provide education to support their members and constituents success.
  • Do you have a product or service you provide for consumers or other organizations?  If so then your customers need supporting and educating.  Not only that but they  will be expecting quality education and will compare it to your competitors.  The complexity of the program needed will vary depending upon the knowledge of your customers and the complexity of your product or service. And the level of customer success you are aiming to achieve.
  • Are Your Customer Support Costs Excessively High?  Educating and supporting your customers to be successful after buying your product or service can significantly reduce your support costs.
  • “Our customers have few support requests after acquiring our service, but our sales are falling behind our competitor.”   Perhaps your customer success program needs to begin before they acquire your service.  Rather than waiting until they’ve made a purchase.  Potential customers who better understand your product or service realize the benefits of what you offer.  People who understand and feel comfortable with what you are offering are more likely to make a purchase.

“Customer Education is the most underestimated competitive advantage”. 


Customer Success + Education Continuum

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There are many components to potentially include in a customer success + education program:

  • Built-In Help
  • Knowledge Base
  • Product Tutorials
  • E-Learning Courses
  • An Academy
  • A Certificate Program
  • Live Webinars
  • Virtual Classroom Training
  • Online Community

Determining which areas to include in your customer education program is an important decision where you need expert advice.  Choosing what to focus on and why is critical.

“Spark and Co was a lifesaver.  The Spark + Co. team provided guidance and offered out of the box solutions that not only delivered our project on time, but provided us with a product that we are proud of.  Their expertise, professionalism and general know-how was a breath of fresh air.”  Sharron K

Spark + Co. Customer Education Services

The customer education services Spark + Co provides for its clients includes:

  • Auditing your existing customer education program and providing recommendations for enhancements
  • Determining the components of customer education to include in your program
  • Designing and creating your customer success + education program
  • Refreshing and upgrading existing customer success + education programs
  • Advising on which of the over 750 LMS’s on the market best suits your needs
  • Making SEO recommendations for marketing materials

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“Done well, customer education can exponentially increase revenue, improve customer success, and differentiate your organization as a market leader.”

Holly MacDonald, CEO spark + Co.



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