Our elearning services apply leading technologies in a practical manner. It’s no coincidence that nearly 20% of our clients are from the Tech sector.

Financial Services

With frequently changing regulatory requirements and the need for companies to report consistent employee training, we have developed custom courses for some of the largest financial service institutions in Canada.

Government + Public Sector

We have provided elearning services to many Government + Public Sector organizations. Typically to help them educate a geographically diverse audience, or provide the knowledge and skills their employees require.

Non Profits + Trade Associations

Over 1/4 of our clients are Non Profits + Trade Associations. Often needing a partner to guide them through the complexities of developing and maintaining a custom elearning course.  Often used to train their employees, educate supporters, shape behaviour, or drive social change.

Private Companies

We help companies make good investment decisions for their learning needs, including advising them when not to spend $ on training!

Multinational Corporations

While we live and play (most of the time anyway!) in Canada, our reach extends internationally through the multinational organizations for whom we’ve created custom online courses and provided other elearning services.