Systems Training & Support

Systems Training & Support

Ski Resort

This organization has multiple locations around North America and at the peak of ski season 16, 000 employees.

The Challenge

A new HR Information System was being built and the organization was adding manager and employee self-serve functions to their suite. They were also moving their head office to a new location and needed to invest in on-demand training options.

The Solution

Spark + Co. provided end-user training (eLearning), train-the-trainer and performance support solutions for the implementation of a HR Information System, specifically manager and employee self-serve functions. Spark + Co. built contextual stories that would help the employees understand how and why they’d do certain things. The self-directed tutorials guided the audience to learn about the system by exploring a situation that described their use of the system. The screencasts were produced as standalone performance support elements, stitched together to be a feature based tutorial and embedded in the scenario eLearning tutorial.

The Deliverables

Training + Performance Support

  • eLearning tutorials that provided scenarios of how to process within the various functions
  • An e-learning tutorials that showed the end-to-end processes
  • 25+ screencasts or “show me” videos that demonstrated a specific functionality


  • Training session outlines
  • Powerpoint
  • Launch video
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Change Manangement

  • A comprehensive plan to roll-out the system in phases:
  • Communications (cascaded email series, weekly trainer email)
  • Internal marketing materials – posters, brochures

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