Written by:

Holly Macdonald


February 21, 2011

I’m trying out the “essay” part of HootCourse – which is supposed to link your blog to the course page – I hope it works!  Over the next few weeks in my “spare” time, I’ll be participating in a “lrnbk”, which is basically a distributed, asynchronous online book discussion.  We’re using Hootcourse, which syncs your twitter and blog posts associated with the discussion and the lrnbk blog. 

I’ve downloaded the pdf version of the book – didn’t want to wait for a hard copy and sadly do not own a kindle (feel a bit like the poor kid who doesn’t have the latest gadget), so will be working with paper, as soon as I print out some of the 200+ pages, since reading on laptop screen is painful.

Clive Shepherd (the author) has already begun blogging about the book, which will make it interesting as part of the discussion.  

Our sherpa (@britz) has spearheaded the course, and we’re here in all time zones and across continents.  Exciting stuff and what a great way to show that Social Media tools can be for learning.  Plus, it’s a good motivator for me to read the book.  It’ll be tough squeezing in the time as I’ve hit a very busy patch, but we’ll see.