Written by:

Holly Macdonald


June 23, 2010

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I found this recently on twitter, thanks to Howard Rheingold.  If he’s tweeting about it, I pay attention (don’t you?), so I surf on over to paper.li to see what it’s all about.


Some folks might love the instant-ness of Twitter, but I have found it difficult to not get sucked into the immediacy of it, especially since I am self-employed and some days sit in front of my computer toggling between this and that.  The immediacy is both the best part and worst part about it.

But, this view is a game changer for me…takes the tweets from people I follow (a manageable 40) and compiles them into a “newspaper” format.  The best part is that it groups the tweets – or more accurately, the links in the tweets – into categories (business, education, technology) and also has separate sections for media and photos.

I have only really done this for a few days, but already I can tell you that I am using Twitter differently.   I’ll have to track and see how well it compiles my twitter feed, but so far, this service has rocked my world.  Now, to figure out if there is a button I can put on my blog that says “read my daily” or something like that??? so you can come along for the ride!