Written by:

Holly Macdonald


November 17, 2009

This morning (and perhaps longer, depending on other deliverables and my ability to multi-task), I have been attending Learn Trends, a free online conference organized by Jay, Tony and George.  What fun!  I have really enjoyed the value of online discussions, both as a participant, but also as a good reminder for my webinar coming up on Tuesday.  Jay is live blogging, which I guess is what I’m doing, too!  Probably not as sophisticated as them, but ya gotta start somewhere!

This morning I learned about Elgg – which I think I had dismissed as a moodle-esque product for higher learning institutions, but is actually very cool (a social learning tool) and while I caught part of a solution from Thomson Reuters, which looked like a virtual world.  Now I’m listening in to a librarian talk about information services from Sun Microsystems.  You should check out the conference, too!