Written by:

Holly Macdonald


May 28, 2009

youtube eduNo really – you can learn positive, academically enriching things via YouTube – recently, the online video juggernaut, has launched an “educational” channel – and many of the universities (even biggies like Harvard and Stanford) are posting lectures and other presentations and educational artifacts online for anyone to review.   

Not to be forgotten is iTunesU, a rival for you tube edu, focusing on mobile (and yes, using your ipod or iphone)

There are lots of ways that you can access learning, if you are keen on the learning, not the credentialing.   This open education movement was spearheaded by MIT in the early part of this century and has flourished. 

Got any great resources to share? 

If you are a training manager in an organization and want to provide opportunities to learn that don’t cost a thing, consider including some of these in your strategy for your staff.  The ROI on it is very good!