Written by:

Holly Macdonald


May 14, 2009

Another blog?  I feel like such a cliche writing a blog in today’s day and age!  I’ve been writing a personal blog for almost two years, but wasn’t sure that I would have anything of value to add in the blogosphere in the area of organizational learning and development.  However, give an opinionated person a keyboard, and you’ll be amazed how quickly a blog will appear!

As with all blogs, this one is my own personal soapbox, so I’ll be writing about things that interest me: organizational learning, learning technology, talent management, informal learning, new tech, measuring the effectiveness of learning, and some things just for fun.  I don’t know how often I’ll post new entries, but I do like to write, so expect a couple per week.  I’ve also included my list of interesting blogs to visit.  These aren’t commercial sites (well, I don’t think they would really qualify), but are people like me who have something to say and the inclination to put fingers to keyboard and share them with the world.  I’ll add to these from time to time, as I find new ones or feel like I want a change. 

As for other features (or widgets as we wordpress users call them), they’ll come and go as well, as I find new ones and play around with what’s here.  As much as I enjoy thinking big picture and charting strategy, what I’ve discovered about “high tech” learning, is that while knowing what’s possible is the most critical aspect, having some hands-on experience provides additional insights.  Plus, you stumble on things as you play in the internet sandbox. 

So, I hope you’ll join me, even as a lurker and I’ll help you navigate 21st century learning, with things that spark my interest and hopefully yours too.