Written by:

Holly Macdonald


September 27, 2011


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I’ve discovered a smattering of new tools, which isn’t surprising since the internet is awash with them!

Podio – OK, I am very enamoured with this one.  It is a project collaboration, lead management, intranet (plus more!) service. As a small shop, I love the integration of these things and although it takes some time to set it all up, I really like the base tools that it comes with. Time tracking, invoice generating, sales pipeline calculating…oh, and an app store!

Twine – this reco is from Cathy Moore, who uses it to build branching scenarios in e-learning and other things, which you could read in her post. So, I think I will too! My kids thought it sounded fun for them to build their own adventure stories too, so maybe this is a “two-fer” tool?

iDoneThis – I have just signed up, so can’t really give much input on it. But there is real appeal to me in the simplicity of this service. You type in what you’ve done in a day and it emails it back to you at a set time.  As I’m looking for some ways of tracking activity and performance/goal attainment, I thought I’d try it out. Thanks to @Tracy_Parish for the tip on this.

But of course, @courosa already has the “mother of all lists” <for teachers/educators > on this GoogleDoc

Me and my sad list of 3 items…such an amateur!