Written by:

Holly Macdonald


August 10, 2009

Embedded in this post is a video (from 21 minutes to 29 minutes) containing a GREAT example from Intuit of how they’ve engaged their customers (“reach ’em and teach ’em”) to train their customers on their products.  This is a more formalized crowd-sourcing option and expands the number of “trainers” that they may have without the cost of taking on additional FTE, which always scores points with the C-suite.  It’s bold, but it certainly can be done.   Browse through other posts on Tony’s blog, he’s got some really interesting things to share.

Do you think you could consider this?  How would your organization react to the idea of letting your customers train other customers? What about sharing customer and employee training?  Could your customers produce training that is used by your employees and other customers?