Written by:

Holly Macdonald


August 19, 2009

Picked out this interesting quote from a workforce article, about Dr. Laurie Bassi which outlines how investing in training is actually a sign of company health and could provide an investment indicator.  In fact, she started her own investment fund  based on that indicator.  You can read some of her thoughts on her website.  You can also read the major research study that she conducted for ASTD on the investment firm’s site.

It does make you think though.  Perhaps this is a way to approach your C-suite.  That investing in people is a good indicator for investor realtions.  How about if you are a non-profit?  Dr. Bassi writes about that here.  As long as you’ve got a number to measure you can make the link.

Another recommendation I have is to read Robert Brinkerhoff’s stuff – he uses a Success Case methodology which is a different way of looking at linking results to training/performance support.