Written by:

Holly Macdonald


January 4, 2011

Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

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Confession time!

  • I did not make any new year’s resolutions. <shame>
  • I did not set personal goals for myself. <shame>
  • I have not set business goals for my business. <shame>

I could just stop there, but that would be too depressing.  But doing nothing has actually worked out ok for me (so far).

Kicking off the new year with not one but FOUR projects.  Oh my.  (I work solo.  Taking on 4 projects could actually kill me.  But, I think they are different en0ugh that they can all peacefully coexist and I’ll be busy, but not “what was I thinking” kind of busy.  However, my husband will be travelling overseas a fair bit this year, which leaves me home with the kids, his dad and the dog.  I might live to regret this. Time will tell.  But wish me luck, just to be on the safe side.)

Project #1 – continuing from 2010 – help client roll-out revamped safety training, primarily a change/communication project.  This project helps me hone that HPI fetish I have, plus it reminds me that many workplace learning initiatives live or die on how well they are communicated through implementation.

Project #2 – help client articulate behavioural indicators for new organizational competencies – more HPI fetish-honing.  This is a brand new client, so it is also interesting to get to know a new organization and their challenges.

Project #3 – create a trainer’s boot camp/learning lab  for client’s in-house trainers to get hands-on practice in creating online learning objects.  Instead of learning that you can create a podcast, actually create a podcast.  Should be messy and challenging and FUN.  Most of my hands-on sessions will be virtual (whew).  This is my 3rd engagement with this client, but they are introducing a new LMS and eLearning authoring tools, in addition to a multitude of other changes.

Project #4 – help client transition instructor-led training into an eLearning format.  Biggest challenge is that this is not corporate learning, but a product sold by a non-profit to schools.  I’m taking on this project at a reduced rate (I support their efforts) and anticipate this could be a huge professional development activity for me.

Oh, and I continue with the Odyssey of the Mind volunteer work, blogging for my local HR association (and managing a group within the online community).  I’d like to get more involved in our new Digital Lab, helping to create a digital presence in a semi-rural place to diversify our local economy.  Oh yeah, and I also am trying to create a social media presence at our local HR conference in April by becoming the back-channel quarterback.  Maybe.

So, even though I didn’t sit down and plan out a bunch of stuff, I still am able to stretch, grow, explore and hopefully fail forward.  I wonder if it would have been any different if I sought these things out?  I am hopeful that it means my year will be diverse, challenging, rewarding and active.