Written by:

Holly Macdonald


August 17, 2010

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I have used the social bookmarking service delicious on a fairly superficial level up to now, I would say. 

I was interested in how I could share my links and when I was a manager of 12 trainers/instructional designers, the benefits of a pooled set of favourites/bookmarks, tagged and annotated made me salivate.  I realize now that this is really level one use, a group uploading their faves to the same place, mainly an efficiency savings and an access winner. 

I’m no longer a manager with employees, I’m an independent.  Now I’m ready to take it to the next level and really try to embrace the socialness of it.  If I believe my own opinions, who might be just as important as what, and that would apply to their links as well. 

Now to decide:

  • Who should be in my network? I know Mark Oehlert has a delicious badge on his blog and his e-Clippings history must make his links pretty extensive, since he’s been collecting these for quite awhile.  How do you choose?  What’s involved with the network part of things? 
  • Do I connect it to twitter? – will this annoy those who follow me?  How much is too much integration?
  • Do I place a badge on the blog to allow people to see my links? – can’t see how this will hurt, but then it means I should keep them up to date, and to be honest I’m kind of hit and miss with link management. 
  • Do I need to know anything about being public? 

I can see how this can become part of the Personal Knowledge Management that Harold Jarche speaks of.  I think as a consultant, it now really comes back to working in the business vs working on the business, just like in the E-Myth.  Since the use of these tools is both in-the-business (understanding the depth of social learning applicable for organizations) and on-the-business work (a way of advertising or marketing to a degree), I’m not sure which way to rationalize! 

So, delicious-ites/ers/ese – whatever the plural of delicious afficianados is – gimme some advice…