Written by:

Holly Macdonald


March 9, 2010

Pressure is on.  I was asked if I would participate and agreed to be listed on the community (or should I say THE community), but now I’m gonna have to deliver.  If you haven’t checked out the community, you really should.  The creme de la creme of e-learning bloggers are there (hey I’m not just saying that to make myself sound good), and I have found so many cool tools, read many interesting perspectives and stretched myself intellectually.  Online.  Really.  For those of you who scoff at blogging and online learning who think that it represents the dumbing down of learning, I have to say that it actually does the opposite.  I really do learn something everytime I read something, or see something new.  The amount of sharing is huge. 

eLearning, mLearning, aLearning iLearning (Ok, I made that one up.  I think).  Developers, thought leaders, teachers, corporate managers, consultants.  It’s a very balanced group overall.  They blog about tools, surveys, strategies, projects, conferences, and so forth.  And, cosompolitan!  Here’s a smattering of what you might get on the community (and you can subscribe to the whole community via email or RSS)

  • Clive Shepherd has spent the past 25 years working with computers trying to make learning things happen electronically. He’s still trying to figure it out.  And, he lives in Brighton (that’s in the UK)
  • Electronic Papyrus is the OSU EEEC Faculty blogging about Instructional Communications.  OSU is in the USA.
  • Joitske Hulsebosch’s eLearning – blog about knowledge and change management, communities of practice, social media, e-collaboration, creativity, co-creation and innovation (and any other topic that interests me..)  A dutch perspective…
  • Ignatia Webs – eLearning techtales with social media in low resource and mobile settings – Ignatia writes from Belguim.
  • Mobile Learning –  Mobile Learning is authored by Leonard Low, an E-Learning Designer at the University of Canberra’s Teaching and Learning Centre.  As in “Down Under”
  • Zaid Learn – is a learning practitioner, writing from Malaysia

Then there are the Canadians:  George Siemens, Dan Pontefract, probably others, but I haven’t gone through all the other 89 blogs to determine their locales.  And ME! Eh.