Written by:

Holly Macdonald


February 10, 2010

Stumbled across this site today: https://www.hp.com/#.  You have to look at mscapes, most definitely Augmented Reality and Interactive Relighting (more for the cool factor than the application to learning).

I love these types of things (research and the future of technology) and so I thought I’d check out some other labs or research pages:

  • Google labs – some of the projects that would be useful for those of us in the learning field are: Living Stories, a crowd sourcing kind of idea: Google Moderator and Google Squared (here’s an example that my daughter used for a school project)
  • Microsoft has some interesting ones, too.  I spent a few minutes browsing around.   If you are intrigued by technology, you should, too.  Tell Table would be fun in an educational and business setting (although you’d need different sizes or CEOs would feel like kindergarteners.  Not in a good way.)  The WorldWide Telescope looks fascinating and while I am not downloading either of these, the disease simulator has some good potential as well.
  • Cisco and IBM’s info was too boring to even wade through.  They both need to pimp things up a bit.  I know Cisco has that cool telepresence, but they don’t seem to have the same 2.0 approach to collaborative research as HP, Google or even Microsoft.
  • I didn’t bother looking at Apple.  I’m not totally anti-Apple, but…
  • Hey, PARC is still around and they have some neat stuff going – check out scanscribe!

Do you have any suggestions where to look for the future of technology?