Written by:

Holly Macdonald


April 9, 2010

I’m working with a school district to help them figure out how to incorporate web 2.0 tools into their practices.  I have to tell you it is the BEST project!

I thought I’d share some of the fun stuff that I’ve found for them in my hour of research this morning.  I think it has applications to organizations, showing how to use/apply some web 2.0 tools to further learning, but some of them might just appeal to those of us who are curious about the world.

  • Someone pointed me to this site, which I am loving so far!  It is about an Owl Box – a live owl cam, a live person cam and sometimes  interaction with the owl box owner and classrooms of kids doing a Q&A.  So awesome!
  • Eagle cams – where I live, we have lots of bald eagles – I actually watch them from my window, soaring on the thermals.  A great site to share is Hancock Wildlife Foundation – one of the eagle nests near to where I live has eggs, but the other was destroyed by our recent crazy windstorm.
  • Orca Lab – here on the west coast, we also are fortunate enough to have orca whales, and you can listen to them live, which is cool.  Can also be incorporated into studies of whales (and oceans, etc)
  • This wiki on using TED talks sounds very cool.
  • Discovery Education has tons of goodies.  I wish we’d had this kind of A/V when I was a kid.
  • World Without Oil Lives is a sim game with tons of web 2.0 collaborative elements (blogs to reflect, videos, etc).  There are probably tons of sims games out there.  Mission to Learn has a great list and Upside Learning produced a huge resource on game info.
  • I’m not sure if others would agree, but I think Jamie Oliver’s campaigns would even fit in here – I’m partial to the British shows (School Dinners and Ministry of Food) rather than the US Food Revolution, but still, he combines some good ways to connect and build community online, share resources, watch shows and then practice cooking themselves.  Maybe, I’m just a fan/disciple.

If only all client engagements could be this much fun.