Written by:

Holly Macdonald


May 19, 2010

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Do you suffer from Big Shiny Object Syndrome (or Shiny Object Syndrome or Bright Shiny Object Syndrome)?  While not classified in the DSM-IV, there are many people, and organizations for that matter, that suffer from this sometimes debilitating disease.  As with many syndromes, it is a spectrum of disorders.  At the “mild” end, we have those that are merely distracted by new and interesting things, similar to occupational ADD – and may be identified by significant twitter-usage or temporary euphoria related to their new gadget (such as the Gi-Pod).  At the most severe end of the spectrum, you’ll find people that have either latched on to every new trend that has appeared and are searching for the Universal Business Adaptor or they are the crazy inventor guy on Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank.  Organizations, too can have BSOS (OBSOS) and they are the ones that have developed a product like this or they suffer from a variant – Paralytic Shiny Object Syndrome  – which renders them mentally paralyzed by the multitude of choices/alternatives at their disposal to the point where they actually get nothing done.

There is no cure, but there may be treatments.  If you do suspect you are one of the many victims of this silent disease, consider joining our Facebook group.

[Kidding, of course]