Written by:

Holly Macdonald


May 17, 2011

I am developing a course for a client and found myself putting it aside for a couple of weeks while I worked on a different client’s project.  Before I put it aside, I was getting a bit frustrated with how things were progressing and found myself in the proverbial weeds.  I returned to it yesterday and it is amazing how much of a difference that time/space has meant to my perspective on the course.  I’m sure this is a common thing, but I hadn’t considered it as a deliberate step in the instructional design process before.  

  1. Analysis – know your audience and create a persona to focus your design, create instructional strategy
  2. Design & Development – create a working rough draft of a course
    • Pause/Reflect – put the course aside for a period of time and work on something else
  3. Design & Development – complete the course development
  4. Implement – roll the course out
  5. Evaluate – process and outcomes ->feed into analysis data for future

What do you think?  Does ADDRIE have a nice ring to it?