Written by:

Holly Macdonald


February 22, 2010

It seems appropriate to somehow honour the 2010 games in this blog (I was a Vancouver girl for 20 years after all).  So, I began thinking about each of the sports and wondered what qualities would reflect the field of training or learning.

Would it be a sliding sport like luge or skeleton?  Do we need the speed and the (let’s face it), the slight lunacy of throwing yourself down a slippery track to keep up with the pack?

Would it be figure skating, which needs the athleticism captured in the “quad” and the gracefulness of a well-choreographed program a la Patrick Chan to finesse our way through the ever-changing landscape?

Would it be the half-pipe where balance and height rule the day to pop our heads above the fray for a bird’s eye view and maintain a sense of balance so we didn’t fall on our heads?

How about long track speed skating, driven by power and endurance, because learning is a journey which can’t be met with an instant-gratification mindset.

Bi-athalon, because multi-tasking is critical in our field?

Hm, I could go on, but the reality is that we need all these things, but maybe not all at once or all in one person, but those of us in the field of learning need to possess one key quality.


So, in the Olympic sport of training – would you get the gold, silver or bronze medal in versatility?   Me, I’m going for the gold.