e-learning course

e-learning course

Respectful Relationships Facilitator Training Program – Saltspring Women Opposed to Violence and Abuse (SWOVA)

SWOVA Community Development and Research Society is a non-profit society and registered charity in British Columbia. SWOVA works to prevent violence and abuse by educating youth about how to have respectful and healthy relationships and fostering youth leadership. www.swova.org

The Challenge

Respectful Relationships is a school based program, whose delivery is led by community based trainers . SWOVA trains the trainers/facilitators. The organization had a single master trainer who would deliver the training and was at risk of losing the knowledge and experience if that trainer left. SWOVA also found it was months before there were enough registrants to host a face-to-face workshop, which meant some groups were not able to implement R+R in their own community. Lastly, the organization had fielded requests from countries as far away as Australia.

The Solution

Spark + Co. re-designed the existing 5 day face-to-face Facilitator Training program for online delivery. A character (Maria) was used to showcase the journey of trainer/facilitator, and “Maria” was the role model for activities, as well as to drive the instructional activities which were both within the e-learning as well as reflective practice, structured exercises and videotaping their work for submission and coaching. The overall course was designed to look like a book. Utilizing video clips, interactive elements and audio narration for much of the course, it has proven to be an outstanding success. So much so that SWOVA are now selling the product to other organizations outside of their geographical area.

  • A scenario based e-learning module (300 screens)
  • A “sneak peek” version for marketing on the website
  • A participant workbook
  • A how-to sheet
  • A range of video interviews to supplement the program

Click here to see a sampling of the e-learning course.

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