Elearning Solutions - Going Beyond Awareness Campaigns

Raising awareness alone isn't enough to stand out from the crowd when you are trying to mobilize 1000's or 10,000's of supporters. You need to give people the ability to do things differently. When you are trying to change behaviour, you can’t rely on traditional methods.

Tools To Drive Change

Give your supporters the online tools and solutions so that they can mobilize and drive the change that your mission demands. Training and education is a key requirement and e-learning solutions can be the spark that ignites your organization.

Cost Effective And Scalable

In today’s global market, you can train and educate as many people as you want online. You are only limited by your imagination. If resources are constrained then there isn't a more cost effective method. The initial investment could also be recouped through cost recovery or by introducing a revenue generation strategy.

Time To Market

E-learning solutions have the ability to reduce the time it takes to launch your training. Once you publish your solution it’s immediately available. This means you can train thousands simultaneously. You aren’t dependent on trainers or training rooms or getting a minimum number of sign-ups. You can even release your e-learning on a rolling schedule to whet the appetite of your audience. Using product marketing techniques, we can help you figure out how to position your course for maximum exposure.

Spark + Co. believes that elearning solutions can change behaviour to take your movement to the next level. Raising awareness is not enough, especially when you want people to do things differently.  Working with our clients we leverage the efficiency of on-demand content (such as video, interactive content and text).  And we use the dynamism of user-generated content (community discussions, shared resources or remixed content) to help learners identify things they can personally do differently to effect change.  Elearning solutions can make the difference.

We can help you answer questions such as:

  • How do we connect our course to the overall mission?
  • How will we know we are successful?
  • Will someone have limited access to the training or lifetime access?
  • How can we connect our training to our campaign?
  • What additional change-making tools should we consider?