Improve Your Customers' Experience

Offering your customers a well designed onboarding and training experience is a compelling value proposition. E-learning can be a great feature for your product to increase user adoption. With e-learning your customers have 24 hour access to education enabling them to become better trained resulting in increased usage of your product.

Reduce Your Customer Service Costs

Many of our clients have found that the personalized attention they give to their customers is a big selling feature, but costly and cumbersome to manage as they grow. Introducing e-learning can provide another way to support your customers in a more cost effective manner. Optimizing your support model to move personalized care to a higher tier, we can determine how best to use custom e-learning courses to provide enhanced support at a reduced cost.

Enhance Your Brand Reputation

You invest a lot into developing a great product. Ensuring that your customers get the most out of it is essential. E-learning support is becoming increasingly important in product buying decisions. When your customer feels as though you’ve considered their needs, it adds to the value they receive and the reputation of your brand.

Increase Sales Growth

Sales growth of your product can be enhanced through e-learning. Better educated customers use your product more extensively. Online courses take some of the customer support load so you can also allocate more resources towards growing product sales.

When developing training for an audience that can choose to take your course or not, you need to focus extra attention on the overall experience. Employees often have to take a course, but customers don’t. Your training should help them fulfill the benefits you promised. We work with our clients to understand what the product expectations are based on the marketing messages delivered, as well as how to package, sequence and deliver the training. We’ll also work with you to position your training product through product development processes. It ain’t “build it and they will come”.

We can help you answer questions like:

  • Where does customer education fit with our support structure?
  • Should we offer certification programs?
  • Will we need an LMS to host and share our programs?
  • Can we create unique learning paths to make our customer education role specific?
  • How do we sell more instructional products?
  • How much should we charge for our training (if anything)?