Are you rolling out a new product and need to get employees up to speed?

Organizations are often releasing new products and services to maintain competitiveness in their market. But, if your employees can’t support your new products with customers, you may find that your product or service doesn’t perform as well as expected. You need to think about the introduction of your product/service as a campaign

There many be many elements related to the introduction of your product that we can help with:

  • Employee Training – elearning, performance support, awareness
  • Customer Training – a before/during/after plan to ensure that customers are fully prepared to use your product. We can support both an enterprise implementation as well as ongoing product training for customers. Using elearning to make your training more sustainable and scalable, we’ll help you blend the best high touch and high tech options
  • Change Management – we know what it takes to increase probability that your product will be adopted – tying together training, communication, management practices, processes and other levers – you can feel confident that we’ll guide you towards combinations that are impactful.